Getting to know Gemfields

AYA has partnered with Gemfields, not only because we have an absolute belief in their ability to find the most exquisite, hidden gemstones Africa has to offer, but they have a real passion for gemstones too. 

Starting in 2005, Gemfields were as mesmerised by gemstones as the rest of the world were. With stories as old as time of Kings and Queens bedazzled in coloured stones, it became clear that they not only showed incredible wealth and stature, but had mystical powers too.

Gemfields were determined to not only find these “gifts of gods” deep beneath Africa’s surface, but also pay respect to the lands from which they came.

Using a combination of the world’s top geologists and gemologists, they sourced the most valuable, vibrant gems that had been hidden away for hundreds of thousands of years. But it was their belief in innovative technology that really set them apart, as they were able to do it using techniques that were careful to protect the land.

And as the years went by, they only became better at it. And now, with a whole team of experts in technology and innovation at the helm, their machinery and planning is state-of-the art.

Gemfields also have a very strict motto, “from mine to market”, which means that they make sure every gemstone is traceable, trying to put an end to unethical practices.

We are proud to have Gemfields by our side on our AYA journey, to not only ignite a deep love for colourful jewels in a way that is ethical, but one that benefits others too.

Getting to know Gemfields