The AYA Gemstone Story


A gemstone is far more than the beauty it radiates, it has its own history, power and presence. AYA, in collaboration with Gemfields, have responsibly sourced some of Africa’s most exquisite stones to be a part of your story.

AYA Gemstones

A Ruby is as striking as it is mystical.

A stone of love, passion, power and courage, it is said that anyone who wears this precious gemstone should live a life without fear.

Thought to energize the body, mind and soul, a ruby will inspire a passion for life - one that is full of goals and an ambition to be a leader.

Our rubies are found in Mozambique, where they were first discovered by local hunters walking near the M’sawize village.

Formed only in ultimate temperature conditions when magma interacts with host rocks in a low-silica environment, rubies are as rare as they are beautiful.

Tanzanite is said to transform one’s life.

By turning negative energy into positive energy, anyone who wears this precious stone should become aware of their calling - who they’re supposed to be.

More than that, this dazzling gemstone is incredibly special, as it is only found in a very small part of Tanzania. Even though it is believed to be 600 million years old, it was only discovered in 1967 by Maasai tribesman, Ali Juuyawatu.

First believed to be a sapphire, this gemstone proved to be a far more complex. And as it becomes more and more desirable, enchanting all who see it, it has taken its rightful place right next to the diamond.

An Emerald may be three times more valuable than a diamond, carat for carat.

A gem believed to stand for fertility and rebirth, it can also be the bearer of good luck.

It is believed that an Emerald brings goodness into one’s life. With healing powers, it is said to fight off many ailments; from the common cold to negative thoughts.

Uncovered in north-central Zambia, near the Kafubu River, these vibrant green gemstones are incredibly rare. Only when two different types of rock come into contact; the white pegmatite and the metamorphic talc-magnetite schist, this exquisite gemstone is formed, hidden deep beneath the earth’s surface.